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6 European Wellness Festivals To Escape to This Summer

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We’ve all been there, the dreaded morning after a festival weekend. You open your eyes and realise that it's all finally caught up with you. The long days, the late nights, the uncomfortable sleeps in dodgy tents, the body punishment and general over-indulgence.

If only you could have a fun-filled weekend of socializing without the physical and mental toll. Well, thanks to the wellness revolution, you can.

Recently, we listed some of the biggest fitness festivals and wellness events coming up in Ireland this Summer. Now here's a look at some of the biggest fitness festivals around Europe. Below are six we are excited about:

1. Move Copenhagen: July 11th-14th, Copenhagen Denmark

In Ireland, the movement-based training regime adopted by Conor McGregor piqued people’s interest in the movement culture. In reality, the culture has been growing for years as people have gravitated towards more functional ways of training and keeping fit.

This Scandinavian event goes back to roots in a very fun atmosphere. Attendees can take part in flow classes, acro-yoga, slacklining, parkour, callisthenics and so much more. The perfect event to release your inner child.

In three days your views on training could be changed for life.

2. Lovefit Festival: July 19th-21st, London, UK

Lovefit festival really exemplifies balance.

Held at a lakeside forest in Kent, this event makes great use of its surroundings. There's a farm gym with old school workout stations, wild workout classes in the forest, stand up paddle-boarding in the lake and ‘wild runs’ through the wilderness.

By day you get to immerse yourself in fitness and outdoor adventure. By night, it’s back to a more traditional festival atmosphere with live music and after-parties. A unique festival with an incredible mix.

3.Útiliv Adventure Festival: September 4th-8th, Faroe Islands

North of Ireland, between Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands are home to an adventure festival like no other! This festival offers trail running, adventuring, surfing, wild swimming and sea kayaking as well as adventure film screenings, inspirational talks and post-adventure musical performances!

Get way out into the wild and rethink what getting outdoors means to you! There’s a big focusing on sustainability with this epic festival including a communal beach clean-up to make sure that everything is left as it was when you arrived!

4. Soul Circus, Yoga & Wellness at the Cotswolds, Aug 16th-19th UK

In the tranquil setting of the Gloustershire countryside, you will find Soul Circus. This yoga and wellness festival has everything from spa treatments and meditation to yoga raves. There are also exclusive performances from Cirque Du Soleil gymnasts. That's an attraction like no other.

This year the live music comes courtesy of Goldie, K.O.G and Norman Jay Mbe. There is a lot to be excited about at Soul Circus.

5. Wanderlust Fitness Festival, Sept 13th-15th - Bayern, Germany

When you are naming the biggest wellness events in the world, Wanderlust would have to be in the mix. Wanderlust has been holding inspiring wellness events across the world for years and in 2019, they launch their full festival line-up in Europe.

There are many events to choose from throughout the continent. However, we think that heading to beautiful Bayern adds to, what should be, an amazing occasion.

The 2-day event has a packed schedule which includes open-air stages, yoga classes, forest hikes and SUP. All fitness enthusiasts should try and get to a Wanderlust event. If you manage to take in a European city break while you’re at it, even better.

6. Balance Festival, Fitness & Wellness Festival, May 8-10 2019

Balance is another travelling health and wellness festival.

Balance is all about achieving a better self. The festival brings together world-class fitness trainers, leading nutritionists, renowned yogis and top brands in the fitness industry. Another European wellness trip that we would love to add to our calendar.

Don't forget, we're kicking off our Summer Stretch Series in June as well - check out the line-up and register here!

If you enjoyed this list and want to check out other events like it in Ireland, check out this post.

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