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8 Things You Can Do For Earth Day!

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Today is Earth Day! Sometimes the issue of Climate Change can seem so big that it’s hard to know where to start or how you as an individual can have an impact. But there are so many small things you can do to start making some positive changes. So, we made a list of some of the small things you can start doing today to be a little kinder to our planet.

Walk, Cycle or Take Public Transport to Work

Cars are a huge contributor to air pollution and climate change. If you are able to, switch to walking or cycling as your main mode of transport. If walking or cycling isn’t an option for you, public transport is a better alternative to a personal vehicle.

Get a Reusable Coffee Cup + Waterbottle

Single-use items are causing more and more mayhem for our planet. In Ireland, 200 Million takeaway coffee cups are thrown out every year and 22 billion water bottles end up in landfills or are incinerated each year across the globe. If we all invested in reusable waterbottles + coffee cups, the world would be a healthier place.

Keepcup Reusable Coffee Cup for Earth Day


A lot of us take access to electricity for granted and we don’t think twice about switching things on and never switching them off. Appliances use electricity even when they’re in standby mode so think about flicking things off at the wall if they’re not in use. Bonus: you might even save some money on bills!

Clean Up

In Ireland, we are surrounded by coastline and any rubbish that is left on the beach will more than likely end up in our seas. Gather some heads (or just head yourself!) and do a bit of a clean-up at your local swimming spot. If you’re a bit unsure as to where to start, there are lots of organised beach clean-up events that happen year-round. Get involved!

Shop Local

Hauling produce and products across land + oceans can contribute significantly to the warming of our planet. Wherever you can, choose to buy local - it reduces the negative impacts on our planet and pumps local money back into the local economy - win-win!

Switch to Paperless

Still getting bank statements, bills or other communication by post? Think of switching to paperless billing + statements to reduce the amount of waste you’re responsible for. Most businesses like phone + electrical companies offer paperless billing, and bank statements are readily available online.

Invest in a Forever Bag

Single-use plastics are a major concern when it comes to the health of our planet. Think about getting one (or a few) reusable bags to take with you to the grocery store or on your daily travels, and avoid stockpiling useless plastics! You can pick up grocery bag alternatives for only a few quid in lots of places, or you can invest in a high-quality carry-all!

Sustainable Upcycled Burlap Everyday Bags


To be fair, given that we live on planet Earth, every day is Earth Day, really. But spreading the word really is the name of the game here. Talk the talk with your mates, your co-workers, your family - anyone really! - and then help show them how to walk the walk! For more ways to make an impact, head on over to the Earth Day Network website!

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