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An extra hour of daylight

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Do you love Daylight Savings? Do you hate it? At this point, it matters not which side you fall on. It happens. Every year. Though to be fair we just found out at G+C HQ that the EU is doing away with it in 2021. So, for the 3rd-to-last-time-ever (in Ireland), here are 24 things you can spend your extra hour of daylight doing!

  1. Count to 60 extremely slowly.
  2. Count to 3600 quite fast.
  3. See if night vision goggles work in the daytime.
  4. Wear sunglasses for longer than normal.
  5. Keep the lights off in your house and save some electricity. Then remember that it’s daylight still and leave your house and go outside.
  6. Spend 55 minutes psyching yourself up for the gym + 5 minutes going really hardcore in the gym. Sweat it out girl.
  7. See how many Gym+Coffee blogs you can read in 60 minutes.
  8. See if you can learn a Gym+Coffee blog off-by-heart in 60 minutes (bonus points if you record yourself doing it and send it to us)
  9. Practice walking around backwards in the daytime. Trust us, it’s a lot easier to do when it’s light.
  10. Take your workout outside. Yoga in the park never felt so good.
  11. Listen to an album that is exactly one hour long (Hot Tip: Anderson Paak’s album Malibu is 1 hour and 1 minute long so that’s a good place to start).
  12. Go to the park. Sit on a bench. Try and count 60 dogs in 60 minutes.
  13. Follow a single dog around for 60 minutes.
  14. Write a short story about the dog you followed around and what her adventures are likely to be based on the personality you have now most definitely created for her.
  15. Go for coffee with a mate and tell them all about all the things you are doing with your extra hour of daylight.
  16. Feel smug about #15.
  17. Watch one episode of 60 minutes.
  18. See how many times you can put on (fully zipped with thumbs in thumbholes) and take off (hung up on a hanger) your G+C hoodie.
  19. Go get a G+C hoodie if you were unable to complete #18 because you don’t have a G+C hoodie… (It’s okay. We forgive you).
  20. See how many packets of Koka noodles you can make in one hour.
  21. See how many packets of Koka noodles you can eat in one hour.
  22. Challenge someone else to the G+C Koka Noodle Challenge.
  23. Spend 60 minutes trying to understand Brexit.
  24. Get a little bit mad about Brexit and go and have a coffee and a mediation session and remember that it’s summertime and no-one understands Brexit anyway,

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