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Another Milestone For G+C

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How do we begin to describe last weekend?
As you might have already known, last weekend we were at Wellfest 2018. We find it difficult to describe just how incredible an event Wellfest has become. The massive space that is the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham was packed full of thousands of festival revelers who were there to have fun, workout and taste some great food. If ever there was evidence of a cultural shift, last weekend was it.

Another Incredible Milestone
Wellfest 2017 in many ways was a turning point for us as a brand. It was the first real physical interaction that we had with our community and it left a huge impact on us. It was definitely one of the highlights of the year and opened up many doors thereafter.

2018 was a milestone for a whole different reason. Last year, we came to the event full of nerves. We didn’t know what the reaction would be like. Would people still like us? Or did they have enough of G+C? There was a level of uncertainty to it all. Once again, it was one of those situations where we almost closed our eyes and hoped for the best.

This year we came to the event on the week of our biggest clothing launch to date. We returned with much bigger plans, a bigger setup and a packed schedule. It felt like a kind of maturing point as a brand. It really hit home just how far we have come in many respects. That said, the nerves were still as big as ever.

A Weekend of Highlights
The weekend was full of highlights. Once again, we were humbled by the amount of people that dropped by our tent. There wasn’t a dull moment from beginning to end. It was fantastic to get your feedback and words of encouragement. As an online company, the rare occasions that we get to interact with our community are always special.

There were four amazing sessions with @JulieByoga and @Psharry. Julie took everyone through two spellbinding HIIT Yoga sessions and Paul brought something really different with his 80s and 90s inspired team workout sessions. There are big things ahead for these two guys, we can’t wait to see what’s to come for them both.

We had coffees provided in association with Upside Coffee. (Watch out for our new Rich Blend by Upside which will be available online soon.) Another highlight for us was being able to introduce our new leggings collection for the very first time. We got some really great feedback which meant a great deal after a year of hard work.

Gym + Coffee and Joe Wicks AKA The Bodycoach
The biggest turnout of the whole weekend was for a HIIT session by fitness guru Joe Wicks, aka The Bodycoach. The Bodycoach has built an incredible profile over the last few years and amassed over 2 million followers on his Instagram. Thousands of people gathered for one of the biggest outdoor workouts we’ve ever seen. At one point Joe pointed to our tent and told everyone to support Gym+Coffee which was pretty mind blowing.

We met the Bodycoach last year and he ended up with a Classic Grey Hoodie. Since then it has been nice to see Joe wearing the hoodie on occasion as he leads millions through online sessions. We really appreciated the call out on the day. On our own platform, although admittedly smaller, we’d like to thank him. One thing that was undeniable at Wellfest was the huge number of people that have been influenced by him to lead more positive lives. It is inspiring to witness what an incredible impact one person can have.

The Astounding Rise of Wellfest

From one inspiration to the next, we turn our attention to the team at Wellfest.

We are proud and privileged to play a small part in Wellfest. Wellfest has brought a powerful change. We have always encouraged people to make life richer. This type of event demonstrates that people are actively doing that and want more!

This year’s event was attended by so many inspirational people. These include the speakers, trainers, fitness entrepreneurs, organizers but also the attendees themselves. It has been amazing to see the rise of Wellfest and how much people have bought into it. There is an exciting future ahead and it’s incredibly motivating.

A massive thank you to the organizers for having us. Also to Paul Sharry and Julie Burke for leading the sessions. You both really brought it and each workout was absolutely incredible.

Finally a massive shout out to everyone who stopped by our tent. We really appreciate the support, both on the day and on our journey as a whole. We are truly grateful.

Excited for what’s to come.

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