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It’s time for us to come clean.

Last Thursday, we announced a job ad with the position described as ‘Lead Hoodie Trier-Onner’. The type of candidate we were looking for was someone with a “minimum of 15 years experience in hoodie wearing” and would have to work closely with our “hoodie coziness team”. This person would need to work in incredibly comfortable environments and would have very Flecksible working hours. We advertised this position on LinkedIn, Jobbio, Indeed,Gumtree and more.

Well, today is the day for us to come clean and say….this was all an April Fool’s prank! :) We’re definitely not as smart as we think. People spotted the little clues we left very quickly. “Flecksible” work hours was in reference to our Fleck range of hoodies. While Flecksible isn’t actually a word, we really think it should be! It was amazing to see such a great reaction to the job ad. It didn’t take people long to figure out what we were doing.

Despite that, it didn’t stop people from sending in over 100 applications. These were sent in by email, Instagram DM, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram stories, and Twitter. We were absolutely blown away by all of these applications.The messages people included were hilarious! The responses included some of the wittiest jokes and cleverest puns and the CVs were done in such a creative way also. We will highlight some of the best and funniest applications we received on our Instagram stories today.

We weren’t sure how this was going to be received when we sent it out but most importantly, we thought it was funny so we gave it a shot. It was amazing to see people engage with it so much and buy into the sense of humour and spirit of it all. What we didn’t expect was the creativity of some responses. We will definitely be following up with some people to see if we could collaborate in the future. While this wasn’t actually a real position, the good news is over the coming months we will be hiring a number of positions across different functions and it’s amazing for us to have so many brilliant CVs already to look through. We really are grateful for all of the applications we received. As a thank you for the laughs given and for putting in the time to create such clever applications, we have decided to reward every applicant with a gift card.

We will also be giving a G+C Hoodie to the person we picked out as the most suitable/funniest applicant. They will become a ‘hoodie trier-onner’ for real just maybe not in a professional capacity :)

Happy April Fool’s Day, Happy Easter and thanks for sharing! :)

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