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Chapter 10: Six months of hard work and thank yous!

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Today, it is 6 months since we launched Gym+Coffee! What an amazing time it has been! Our journey from launching this brand to now has been a steep learning curve and an incredibly rewarding experience.

So, 6 months in, how are we doing? At its most fundamental level, we are trying to get a business off the ground. We are working hard everyday focusing on the strategic priorities and fine tuning the commercial aspects. As well as that, our main objective from the start was to build a community of like-minded people around our shared belief. What has happened in the last few months we are very proud of! We have met the most amazing people who have been so kind with their time and energy. Apart from the constant support of friends and family (you guys are incredible), so many people have been part of this journey right from the start and the community continues to grow. The best example of this in action is our SummerStretch series. Thank you to all the trainers who jumped at the chance to become part of this. You may have seen some of the great photos and videos of these events, thanks to Rob Webster for his passion and dedication in putting these together. We never thought it would take off like this with over 2,000 people registering their interest in attending and 300 people coming along to our last three events. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Starting this brand has been our attempt to be true to our belief to MakeLifeRicher and it is a fantastic feeling to know and see people share that belief!

We have so many more things to be grateful for! One of our favourite things from the last few months has been our presence at Wellfest. This was such a big deal for us as it was the first time we had physically been anywhere showcasing the brand. Thanks to the Wellfest team and everyone who came along who made it such a success for us. Oh and maybe a highlight was Joe Wicks wearing our hoodie too! :)

Coming back to the business side of things, we have been lucky enough to be invited onto the Sunday Business Show on Today FM, Alive & Kicking on Newstalk and featured in the Sunday Business Post. These have all been great opportunities and experiences so thank you to all of those people for reaching out to us. For the last two weeks, we have been in Karl Henry’s gym on Pembroke St in Dublin. We can’t thank Karl and Pat and all the team there enough for their generosity and support. Having this space in the city centre has been incredible and allowed us to experiment with some coffee we are developing with Jamie in Upside Coffee (thanks Jamie!).

Over the last few months, we have launched two hoodie ranges and a range of t-shirts. We are so proud of what we have achieved but we are buzzing for what’s ahead for G+C! We are in the middle of new product development with the coffee and beginning the design phase with leggings and a wider range. Watch this space!

The only thing left to say is, thank you to everyone who has bought a hoodie, or a beanie, or a keepcup or anything and to everyone who has followed us online. We now have over 10k followers across social media and your support means everything.

Hope to see as many people as possible at SummerStretch 9 in Cork and if you can’t make that, see you at SS 10!


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