Chapter 7: Announcing our #SummerStretch series - Gym+Coffee

Chapter 7: Announcing our #SummerStretch series

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At the heart of Gym+Coffee is a mission to encourage as many people as possible to make life richer. We truly believe that you should strike a healthy balance everyday and this is a passion that lead us to start Gym+Coffee. We feel that the two biggest contributing factors to making life richer are to make time to exercise, and to socialise.

We have always had the idea in mind to create fun new opportunities for people to exercise and socialise and to encourage this healthy lifestyle. We just needed to figure out the right structure for this to work and the right time to launch it.

We think now is the right time to do this. The last few weeks have been an incredible buzz for us. We have seen a massive uptake in everything from social media posts and followers, to website traffic and sales, and even an increase in supportive messages and emails. We also attended Wellfest where it was inspiring to see so many people full of enthusiasm for fitness, health and wellness. We were blown away by the positive response to Gym+Coffee at Wellfest. We loved meeting so many of you and we want to create more opportunities for us and our community to meet.

Initially, when we thought about how to structure things, we assumed we would have to do it all ourselves. What we didn’t realise is that there are so many amazing, generous people out there who also want to promote fitness and this healthy balance. Since we launched Gym+Coffee, we have been lucky to meet a growing list of qualified PTs, fitness instructors and yoga teachers who are so passionate about making life richer. As we discussed this idea with them we were thrilled to hear that they wanted to do something similar and were eager to be involved.

With all this in mind we’ve decided to run a 10 week #SummerStretch series where we will be offering free outdoor group training sessions in locations across Dublin, Cork and Galway. These sessions will be open to everybody and, depending on the week, they could be a group bootcamp, a yoga session, a pilates class, circuit training, and much more.

It will be a fantastic opportunity for people to get together and get active. We have plans to add more to these sessions like having nutrition talks, linking with local cafes for coffee, and maybe even giving some free Gym+Coffee gear as prizes.

The first of our #SummerStretch series will be taking place on Sunday morning, May 28th in Dublin. Over the coming weeks we will be announcing more details about the locations, the classes, and the amazing trainers who will be helping our community to stretch themselves! :)

I guess we don’t really know what to expect but we view this with a “nothing ventured nothing gained” attitude! If we want to encourage people to stretch themselves and make life richer then we should provide people with ways to do so!

If you are interested in our #SummerStretch series please click the link below to register your interest and hopefully we’ll see you over the coming weeks and months!

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