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A Community in Pictures: Your Pics of the Year 2018

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Your Gym+Coffee

Pics of the Year 2018

It’s a wonderful world out there and our intrepid Gym+Coffee community made the absolute most of it in 2018.
Since our inception, we’ve been posting a Pic of the Week to our social accounts and we’ve rounded up the best of a stellar bunch to be in our Top Ten Pic of the Year 2018 crew!
Congratulations to all our winners and a huge thank you to everyone in our community who sent us their Gym+Coffee stories and photos throughout the year. We find them all so inspiring and we cannot wait to see what you all get up to in 2019!
So, without further ado, and in no particular order: here are your Gym+Coffee
Pics of the Year 2018!!!!!
Gym+Coffee Charcoal Fleck Hoodie at Arctic Circle Hooneymoon Hike

Here’s the flame-haired, fire-hearted and charcoal-flecked Susan Grogan (@sudy0) high up in the Arctic Circle enjoying what sounds like a breathtaking honeymoon with hubby (and photographer!) Peter. Susan’s thirst for adventure led the two of them to -28℃ temperatures and 60ft frozen waterfalls all the while hanging off rocky cliffs and taking some insanely gorge pics. Machu Picchu and Antarctica are next on the list for these two adventurers!

Gym+Coffee Grey Fleck Hoody Sunset Grab Hike Community Photo
Cathal Lafferty ( @claugherty) summoning the sun atop Roy’s Peak in the Otago region of New Zealand. Though Cathal said the 3+ hour hike at 3am in the morning almost wasn’t worth the frostbite, we think this stunning sunrise pic says otherwise! Lads, find a mountain, grab a Grey Fleck and give us your 2019 version of this STAT!
Gym+Coffee Green Fleck Hoodie at Yosemite Valley Hike in California

This is Suzie Dundas (@hikeupyourskirt) traversing Yosemite Valley in California in February last year. Suzie is basically living the dream writing, hiking and photographing her way through life and also she wears Gym+Coffee Green Fleck Hoodies. That, paired with a slow and sunny trek, is what life is all about, we think. Side note: Winter in California sure looks a whole lot different than home. Sign. Us. Up.

Aiga V Gym+Coffee Hoodie at Lake in Ireland

This is Aiga Veltensome (@aiga.v) travelling with friends through Norway last year. These pals were waiting for a ferry at Lysebotn port when a friend snapped this stunner of Aiga, with the Lysefjord as breathtaking background, framing this hiking maven. Aiga started walking only a few years ago and to her it is a form of meditation which affirms her daily mantra: “Move and stay still. You have to be able to do both in life. Balance is the key.”

Gym+Coffee Jet Black Hoodie on Harcourt Street with Luas Tram Light Tracks

Ian Morley (@ianmorley_pth) in central Dublin giving us a glimpse into just how freaking beautiful home can be. Ian’s on Harcourt Street, mobilizing LUAS cars and doing it in style in the Men’s Jet Black Hoodie and Burgundy Beanie.

Gym+Coffee Ocean Blue Hoodie at Montaña de Siete Colores in Cuzco, Peru hike

High on the Montaña de Siete Colores (Rainbow Mountain) in Cuzco, Peru, Gillian O’Riordan (@gillianoriordan) shows off one of our fave hiking-triumph combos: The Jump-Smile-Wave-to-the-Camera and all the while successfully managing to breathe and hike at 5,200m above sea level. This Ocean Blue has been her travel companion and memory-keeper to so many countries now that even though she’s due for a re-up, Gillian just won’t part ways with it. Nailing it.

Gym+Coffee Community Member Adventure in Argentina
Nicola Gough (@nicolagough) at the icy and spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentinian Patagonia. This particular glacier seems to be in on our #stretchyourself mantra, as it’s one of the only ones in the world that is advancing, not retreating! Make like Rebecca and get fearless in a Grey Fleck!
Gym+Coffee Community Member Hikes up to Coumshinguan Lake in the Comeragh Mountains, Waterford in Forest Green Hoodie
Fergal Reilly (@fergalreilly22) captured in true Viking form, surveying his conquest: Coumshinguan Lake in the Comeragh Mountains. Views by Nature; Forest Green Hoodie by Gym+Coffee; Hard graft, sweat and determination by Fergal. Ireland’s Ancient East never looked so stylish.
Darragh Lucey Hiking Sand Dunes in Huachina, Peru wearing Gym+Coffee gear
If you thought you had some solid sunset snaps, Darragh Lucey (@darraghly)

might just have you beat. This photo was the very last one taken of Darragh before heading back home, after an incredible trip to Asia, New Zealand and South America with a couple of pals. The adventurous trio landed themselves in the desert oasis village of Huacahina, Peru and donning their Gym+Coffee hoods, would hike the 100m sand dune every night to gather a gallery of pics like this.

 Gym+Coffee Pink Fleck Hoodie on Rebecca Harding Skiing at La Clusaz in Eastern France

Here’s the intrepid Rebecca Harding (@rebecca_s_harding4) scoping out the perfect spot for her and soon-to-be-hubby Arthur’s nuptials this August! Rebecca & Arthur travelled to La Clusaz in Eastern France to find just the right mountain-top spot to say ‘I Do!”. Looking wistful in our perennially popular pink, we are not-so-secretly hoping that these two lovebirds take their vows in matching G+C hoodies…!

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