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Getting to Know Our Customers

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We are a young company but in our two short years, we’ve done what we feel is a good job of really getting to know who our customers are. We’ve explored what they like and don’t like, what they’re looking for in a brand & product but most importantly to us, what they’re looking for in a community.
One year ago was our first birthday and we invited that community to join us in a hike up the Sugarloaf Mountain in County Wicklow, Ireland. Because we launched in January, we added a little extra New-Year-Resolution vibe to the event by constructing a box that we carried up the mountain and then encouraged people to hike up with us and post their goals for the year in the box.
Initially, we saw the whole thing as a fun excursion and a unique way to celebrate our 1st year as a company. What we weren’t expecting was how much we were going to learn about what and who Gym+Coffee is, both as a brand and as a community.
We kept our promise to keep the posted goals anonymous, but we took our time reading through them. The range of goals we received (everything from owning a pet robin to running marathons to be kinder to oneself) was phenomenal as was how much more connected we felt to the authors. This was a great turning point for us and it was these very personal insights from our customers that gave us a unique window into getting to know them better, this ultimately helps us create products, events, and content that speaks to them and their lifestyle.
We’ve been collecting other feedback throughout the year and some of this is culminating in a big new project launch on Monday, January 21st. We can’t wait to fill our community in with more details!
This coming Saturday we’ll be celebrating our second birthday and rather than change things up, we wanted to keep to our rhythm of a goal-setting hike. We are hoping that we’ll gain further insights into who our community is, what they are growing towards and how they hope to get there.
On this #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay, we’d like to make a big shout out and thank-you, to all our exceptional customers who are the life & soul of Gym+Coffee. Long may we hike, bike and Make Life Richer together!

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