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Launching The G+C Leggings Collection

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The Month of May is a Celebration of the Women of our Community.
We are delighted to finally announce the official launch of our new range of leggings. No more waiting, our leggings are available online TODAY.

There will be a simultaneous launch of our All-In Pant and our RestLess Pant. Both leggings come in Classic and Breathe styles, bringing a grand total of four designs to choose from. The Breathe style offers something that came highly requested - leggings with pockets.

Preparations have been ongoing for over a year. In that time we have collaborated with some hugely inspirational women. We have heard all about their journeys, their low points and amazing highs. We have felt their struggles and their successes. What has stood out most is their passion to create and realise the many different parts of themselves. Balancing their dreams with their day to day, their leisure time with work and their tough days with their good days.

To mark the launch of our leggings we wanted to focus not just on the clothing but on the women who inspired their creation. We wanted to create something that showcased the women of our community. Something that captured their strength, the poise, the grace, the power, the self-belief, balance and passion.

A Salute to the Women of the Gym+Coffee Community
Here’s to the Kickboxer/MMA fighter who is going all-in to chase her dream of being a champion while also succeeding at her 9-5 . The Olympic weightlifter who demonstrates all the strength that women have in more ways than one while also has time to provide care for many others. The Yogi that knows a thing or two about balance, self-control and mastering your body and just as much about starting and running a business. The Riverdance Lead competing at the highest standard who also competes in other walks of life.

A massive thank you to the amazing Dee Begley, Sinead McSorley, Julie Burke and Chloey Turner. We were so inspired by collaborating with them that we wanted to highlight their stories even further. Stay tuned for that in the days to come.

For now, it’s time to showcase the incredible women of the G+C community. The inspiration behind our biggest launch yet.

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