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Mastering the Basics: Split Squats

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Part three in this 5-part series sees us mastering the split-squat with Sean Harding of Back2Basics Fitness Studio

This is an awesome unilateral exercise with focus on lower body strength, balance and form.


Set yourself up with your right foot planted on the ground in front of you, and your left leg out behind, with your knee on the ground.


Make a fist with both hands, stacking them one on top of the other, and place this fist formation on the ground between your back (left) knee and your front (right) heel. This will give you the correct spacing for your leg + foot foundation and help maintain strength and balance through the exercise.


Check your front (right) foot for even pressure + weight distribution, spreading evenly through your big toe, baby toe and heel.


Once you have that pressure distribution right, press forward and lean your upper body towards your front knee, keeping your back straight and shifting your weight into your right leg.


Tuck your back (left) toes under and drive yourself up, keeping balance with your back leg and maintaining weight pressure in the front.

Your back (left) leg should remain straight and your back heel lifted slightly off the ground, keeping your weight to the front.


From here, lower straight down again and repeat with this form, 10 reps at a time.

How's your form?! Make sure to check out the other videos in the series including push-ups and burpees!

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