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New Year, New Us

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First of all, let us just say…


We hope you had a great time last night in whatever way you decided to celebrate!
And whether you were up at the crack of dawn to go for a new year dip, or you’re taking it all a little slower this morning, we wanted to grab a minute to have a little chat:
On almost every channel in January, you can find the ‘next big thing’ touting how you can improve your life or be more healthy or eat better or get more active or contribute more or try harder, be better, succeed etc. etc. etc.
New Year, New Me - It's All Too Much!!!
And on top of the bombardment of ‘be better’ mail, most messaging has a tendency to isolate its’ reader; outlining all the things you *ought* to be achieving and then leaving you to do it, all on your lonesome. Plus, it’s probably miserable outside and it feels like all the info and advertising involves very pretty people sitting pool-side which is kinda super depressing meanwhile in Ireland we’re huddled over blow-heaters with three sets of pyjamas on... Just us?

Getting the right motivation can be tough and staying on track can be even tougher.

This year, we want to remind you that you’re not out there orbiting by yourself. Whatever your goals or hopes or decision-making for 2019, don’t forget that you have an entire community behind you now.
Gym+Coffee is your famjam guys. Lean on us! You’re significantly more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, and you add even further to the potential of your success if you tell other people what you want to achieve.
Gym+Coffee Outdoor Adventure

We’re working on a New Year, New Us mentality.

Come get involved! We’ve got a crew of people aspiring to do great things big and small in 2019 and most, we’re sure, could use a bit of support. One of our G+C goals for 2019 is to provide more opportunities for our community members to connect with like-minded people. We want you to find your running buddies, your yoga pals, your meditation mates, all within the Gym+Coffee community.
As a start, your first, best chance for meeting more of the Gym+Coffee community is coming up this month on Saturday, January 19th, 2019.
It’s our 2nd Birthday (!) and we’re hosting a day of goals, support and community connection.
Sign up ASAP - Cannot WAIT to see you there.

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