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Since we launched G+C, we have been asked the same question over and over….so, do you guys actually sell coffee? To date, the answer has always been the same…not yet.

Our main focus since the launch has been our clothing and this will remain our top priority. Now, we feel we are ready to explore another avenue which is deeply rooted at the heart of Gym+Coffee. We are delighted to announce we will be launching our first round of coffee available from today. To celebrate the launch, we will be gifting a bag of coffee with every order of two hoodies or more.

To us, coffee represents the balanced life we are all striving to achieve. We talk so much about the importance of getting out and stretching yourself, it is equally important to spend time socialising with family and friends.

Having spent time working in cafes in coffee capitals such as Melbourne and San Francisco, we have witnessed first hand the importance of serving top class coffee. With so much speciality coffee available nowadays, it is no longer acceptable to serve an average cup of coffee. We were very reluctant to jump straight into roasting coffee without a clear plan of how we wanted to position ourselves in the coffee market. We had a 2 week pop up counter in Karl Henry’s Gym to give you guys and ourselves a flavour for how it would feel to be involved in the coffee community, and guess what….we absolutely loved it!

Just like our hoodies, we needed our coffee to be top quality. We have been lucky enough to meet some amazing coffee experts who have offered to collaborate on our first round of coffee. Since day 1, Jamie from Upside Coffee has been a huge support to us. When we decided it was time to launch into coffee, there was no question, we wanted to collaborate with Jamie. Upside Coffee can be found in some of the best cafes around Dublin and we are thrilled to have their name on our bags. We spent time out in Jamie’s roastery tasting all his different blends and single origins before choosing the beans we felt were right for our coffee loving community.

The beans we have chosen are a blend of 2/3 Brazilian and 1/3 Peru with the end result being a super full-bodied, sweet & smooth coffee. Roasted a little darker than some other beans available, these will go well with a drop of milk as well as black.

You can order now from our website here.

More than ever we would love your feedback, so get brewing and let us know what you think.

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