Recapping our NYC Launch - Gym+Coffee

Recapping our NYC Launch

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It is a great feeling sitting down to write this blog post and to celebrate our NYC Launch Event last week by sharing the amazing images, footage and feedback from the event.

There was a number of reasons we wanted to host an event in NYC:

  1. Build brand awareness in NYC/USA
  2. Create as much high quality content as possible
  3. Communicate the Gym+Coffee brand message to all in attendance -
  4. Gain some attention from NYC health and fitness media and influencers
  5. Collaborate with new, exciting and complementary businesses

Ahead of our event, we definitely think it was the most nervous we’ve been so far. It wasn’t helped by a last minute shipping catastrophe which meant we didn’t have enough stock to display or give out at our event! However we powered through and at least had beanie hats for everybody who came. Thankfully that was the only problem we encountered, everything else beat all expectations and we had an incredible launch event that surpassed what we had hoped.

The big fear was that nobody would show up. It’s like that anxiousness around a birthday party! When the first guest arrived 40 minutes before start-time we started to relax a little and over the next 40 minutes over 60 people turned up (slightly above max capacity!).

The National Sawdust Venue is probably the coolest event space we have been to. It consists of a custom built music venue built within an old sawdust factory, all in the middle of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This immediately gave our event a unique feel and the stage was set (literally, even with a huge screen!).

So, what better fitness class to do in an event space built with incredible acoustics than a high energy, loud, rocking POUND FIT class! The energy was electric as Kirsten (POUND CEO) took the stage and led a fun, sweaty, tough workout. (Definitely check out the images and video below!). Collaborating with POUND was amazing for us. The community they have built is inspiring and certainly something we’d love to achieve over the coming years.

To finish off an amazing morning, Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters, Brooklyn provided cold brew coffee for everybody to cool down after a crazy workout. Side note: Over the few days we think we had 20 cups of Toby’s coffee! :)

For us, we really want to thank everyone who supported us on this event. Firstly, the amount of supportive messages/comments/emails we received online was crazy and genuinely was a huge reassurance for us. Special thanks to everybody who came to our event. It was so cool to have a strong number of Irish living in NYC come out and support us. (Like Allie who was at our #SummerStretch in Bushy Park, Dublin, has since moved to NYC and came to this event too!). And also it was a real boost of confidence for us to have so many new American members of our community come out and be part of our first US event, that was amazing!

In the grand scheme of things, this was maybe a small stepping stone in what we hope will be bigger and better things to come. But for us right now it certainly feels like a success and something we want to take a moment to celebrate! :)

As mentioned we are so excited to share the gallery of images and our recap video with you. Please comment and let us know what you think!


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