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Rest Less: Spotlight on the RestLess Leggings

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Performance Leggings For A RestLess Life
There are two sides to the lifestyle behind our brand. On one side gym, one side coffee, the athletic and the social. Often they are separate, sometimes connected. The double release of our All-In Pant and our RestLess Pant signify this separation and connection.

Our All-In Pant veers more to the social, coffee side of our brand. A pair of yoga pants that supports relaxation and comfort without ruling out a burst of action. Our RestLess Pant is our performance leggings but we know that performance isn’t tied down to a one hour gym slot. For some, it’s all day, everyday.

We wanted to create leggings for the all action woman. The RestLess Pant is for those with a restless life, those who get itchy feet the moment they stop. We created a performance pant in the knowledge that performance goes far beyond training.

The G+C Leggings Collection has arrived with two new designs - the RestLess Pant and the All-In Pant. We recently shined the spotlight on our All-In Pant (coming in both Classic + Breathe styles). Now it’s time to feature our other latest arrival. This is the what, where and why of our performance leggings - the RestLess Pant.

Important Features For Our Everyday Athletes
Collaboration is everything at G+C. When we decided to create our performance leggings, collaboration was our first instinct. We reached out to the athletes of our community. We sat down with the yogis, the casual trainers and the fierce competitors. We asked them what was important in performance leggings. Their suggestions inspired the features highlighted below.

Leggings That Support Performance

When training, you want clothing you can rely on. Our yoga pants were designed to support your best performance, not hinder it. The high waistband is reinforced with power-net so it doesn’t dig in or slide down. The flattering high band keeps you covered in all the right areas, keeping you at maximum comfort throughout your session.

The sweat wicking, four-way-stretch fabric will leave you feeling fresh from start to finish. The curved seam at the lower back is another detail that was borne out of a desire for added comfort and support.

Leggings with pockets was something else that was highly requested. Our Breathe styles come fit with a slick power-net pocket. Yoga pants are meant to be versatile so designing leggings with pockets is something that made a lot sense to us.

Comfort Above All Else
A consistent line of feedback that stuck with us through the entire design process was put to comfort above all else. The high quality polyester/spandex fabric offers a compression feel. In contrast with the buttery soft All-In Pant, the compression feel of the RestLess Pant puts you in the zone for sport. The ⅞ length is another community approved sweet spot. Sitting right above the ankle, it provides a less restricted feel.

Where to Wear
Our RestLess leggings were designed with performance in mind. This makes them the ideal option for a workout, a run, a hike and of course, yoga class. But they were also created for those that lead a RestLess life. The chic and comfortable design make them a perfect choice for every occasion. Equally suitable for a pain inducing 26 mile marathon as they are an easy-going marathon of the Netflix variety.

Styles - Classic or Breathe
Just like the All-In range, the RestLess comes in two styles - RestLess Classic and RestLess Breathe. The difference comes in the stylish power-net finishes and added breathability in the RestLess Breathe. For those who love leggings with pockets, the Breathe has space for all your essentials. While a breathable panel provides the RestLess Breathe with added ventilation.

Check out our entire leggings & yoga Pants collection here.

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