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The Gym+Coffee 100% Happiness Offer

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You heard it here first. We are offering 100% happiness or your money back.

Now, with this G+C 100% Happiness Offer we aren’t guaranteeing sunshine in Ireland, an end to all life struggles or magically ensuring that today will be the happiest day of your life (although our leggings are pretty good so..).

We are announcing risk-free shopping. If you are not 100% happy, send your item back. The returns are on us.

Announcing Free Returns On All Purchases
We don’t know if you heard the news but we recently launched our brand new leggings collection. Yeah, we are pretty excited about it and it seems you guys are too. We launched the collection last month and the response has been incredible. It has been great to see that all the hard work and countless hours of designing, testing and retesting have been worthwhile.

However, there have been a few similar requests, queries, wants, and asks coming in time and again. “I’d love to try them on”. “Do you have a physical store we could check them out?”. “Where can I see them?”

We totally get it.

We know you guys will love the leggings but appreciate that what’s new is uncertain. It’s hard to tell the incredible quality from photos alone. You want to try the leggings out for yourself, feel the quality and move around in them.

So, for a limited time only we want to make it that bit easier for you guys. With all purchases there are FREE RETURNS (Ireland only). Buy a pair of leggings, try them on, fall in love - all risk free. Keep them or return them, the choice is yours.

If you don’t like your leggings, just send them back. You’ll get your money back and be no worse off than you were in the beginning. You’ll have scratched that itch and can move on.

We are pretty confident you will love them though.

A Few Things To Consider:
Finding The Right Size For You
As it will be your first time trying on G+C leggings, we created a handy size guide to help you find the right fit. Our size guides compares US sizes, UK sizes and G+C sizes. We also compare our leggings sizes with some other top brands, namely Nike and Lululemon. To see this comparison guide on all clothing, click here.

How To Return
All purchases come with a return label. If your leggings aren’t exactly how you imagined you can use this label and return the shipment to your nearest GLS partner shop. It’s that easy. You can find the GLS partner nearest to you by checking out the GLS Depot Finder on their website.

Free Shipping On All Orders Over €120
Free returns applies to all items including hoodies, t-shirts and accessories. Why not make the most of the offer by adding to your cart. We offer free shipping on all purchases over €120 so why not avail of it. It’s risk-free purchasing after all!
At Wellfest 2018, we loved that our community were given the opportunity to try on our leggings for themselves. With this FREE RETURNS offering we hope to recreate that experience in your own home.

Shop online for the G+C leggings collection now. What do you have to lose?

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