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The Lazy, Hazy Dayz of Summer

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Apparently, today is ‘Lazy Day’ in the US and while the word itself might conjure up a more negative image, we think the art of doing not a whole lot, can be pretty great for the mind, body and soul. We have decided to rename today, Day of Recreational Leisure and we’ve found a few things you can do to enjoy it, while not really having to do a whole bunch at all...

1. Drink some coffee.

Make a pot at home and chill out. Sip it from one of these bad boys (keeps the heat for 12 hours!) or head out to your favourite cafe and grab a cup. Very conveniently, we have a list of some of the best coffee our island has to offer, right here!

Lazy Day Iced Coffee + Jet Black Hoodie

2. Get a 99 cone.

Like, in reality, it doesn’t matter where you get one of these from. You know it’s gonna be good and you know you won’t regret it. Grab a cone. Grab a pal. Sit on the grass and have a bit of you time.

3. Stare at the water.

There is something so serene and calming about water, isn’t there? Lucky for us here in Ireland, we are literally surrounded by it, plus there’s a whole host of lovely lakes and rambling rivers you can sidle up beside too.

Lazy Day Views from New York

4. Better yet, get into the water.

Go swimming y’all! Yes, we know it’s cold but floating away with your ears underwater listening to the sounds of the sea is pure freakin’ magic. And once you get to floating, you really don’t have to do a lot. You could choose to if you wanted, but you really don’t have to.

Claire Walsh Freediver Lazy Day Swim

5. Read a book, or, just lie down and use one to cover your face while you nap.

Expand the mind or just straight-up lie-down, open the book to a middle-ish page, put it over your face and have a wee snooze. If you really do fancy a read, check what we’re all involved in here.

What I Know About Running Coffee Shops by Colin Harmon

6. Meditate and/or, nap.

We are by no means suggesting that they’re the same thing by the way. But a solid meditation session can be as beneficial as a solid nap, and vice versa. Sit up, lie down, balance your chakras and we’ve got some tips for you here.

Lazy Day Ideas for Meditating

7. Listen to a podcast and do it while a dog is sleeping beside you. Maybe also you could fall asleep.

Dogs make everything better (here’s proof) so grab yours or borrow a friend’s (always ask first, obvs), make sure they’re sleepy and then pop your headphones in, press play on your favourite podcast (here’s a suggestion) and reeeeelaaaaaxxxxx.

Gym+Coffee Cute Dogs in Store Day

8. Have a picnic on your front lawn, back lawn, or just in your living room.

There’s something very satisfying about eating tiny things in tiny bits from tiny plates over a very long amount of time. Gather a picnic, get a blanket and plonk yourself down wherever you fancy. You deserve it.

9. Get your headphones, lie down and have yourself a silent disco. Invite a friend if you want, they might need a lie-down and a bit of music too.

Silent discos are all the rage these days. Listen to your music as loudly or softly as you like and dance like no-one else is watching listening. SIlent disco your weekend away with a mate. No talking, just chilling.


10. Find a boat, get yourself on the boat, and let someone else do the steering for a while.

As with borrowing a dog, best to ask first before you borrow a boat… But if you can find one (or even a raft, a raft is just a flat boat) then GET ON IT. You don’t even have to go anywhere. Just sit on the boat and let the gentle lapping of the waves send you off into recreational bliss.

So there you have it. So many things to do in order to not really do anything at all. And here’s a fun fact: There’s a bustling town in Colombia that goes by the name of Itagui. It’s a thriving industrial town for 364 days of the year. But once a year, on August 11th, the day after the US ‘celebrates’ World Laziness Day, Itaguians take to the streets, along with their beds, and have themselves a day of doing nothing. We reckon it’s not the worst thing to take a leaf out of that book. Everything in moderation folks. Here’s to the newly named Day of Recreational Leisure. Enjoy yourself.

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