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Waterford Weekend in 53.5kms!

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Our bodies have finally recovered from our Weekend Adventure in Waterford! The whole 48-ish hours were absolutely brilliant and the crew we shared those hours with were a magical, agile and all-round really lovely bunch.

The Waterford Greenway

Day One was (during the cycle) challenging and fulfilling. 46km of paved biking seemed like no mean feat and there were definitely a lot of pats on the back for how well we did. Cycling side-by-side made for some great chats and the group really made an effort to get to know each other. Yay new friends!

Give or take 4 hours later, we caught the end of the rugby match (go on Ireland!) and then pottered off for some dinner and a bit of banter and a very good sleep.

Gym+Coffee Crew Cycle the Greenway in Waterford

Coumshingaun Lake Loop Hike

Once we got to Day Two we realised just how muted and peaceful the Waterford Greenway really was. Day Two saw us challenging our inner Edmund Hillarys as we scaled Coumshingaun in the ACTUAL hail, snow, and wind.

The weather kept us from summiting the mountain proper but if there’s one thing we always say over here at G+C it’s ‘Safety First!’ and also ‘Where’s the Coffee?’ but safety first is more appropriate in this context so, we said our safety firsts and down the mountain we headed again!

Sunny Day Hike at Coumshingaun Lake Loop in Comeragh Mountains

▲Our Instagram vs. Our Reality

Group Hike Mid-Blizzard in Comeragh Mountains

Thank You for Your Hospitality!

All in all, a super rad weekend with very awesome people - we’re planning the next Adventure as we speak. Big, big, big ginormous thanks to the good folks at Coach House Coffee for our delicious lunches and hot coffees. There’s not a chance we could have made it the whole way without those sambos (shout out to the best Waterford Blaas in Waterford!). Plus the staff at Coach House had the most smilingest faces and welcoming attitudes and we know for a fact, we’ll be back ASAP.

Coffee Art in Coach House Cafe in Kilmacthomas Waterford

Also, hats (helmets) off to Donal of Greenway Waterford Bike Hire for alleviating any cycling fears and being generally sound, and to Brian and the Comeragh Mountaineering Club for guiding us up and down Coumshingaun with good humour and a clear respect for the great outdoors!

Thanks for the Memories!

The biggest thank you goes to our wild, wonderful, wandering community who joined us on our first foray into Weekend Adventuring - you made the event an absolute pleasure and we hope you’ll join us again!

For those of you who couldn’t make it, we missed you! We’ll be announcing our next Weekend Adventure shortly so stay tuned for all the details!

Irish Adventure Hike at Coumshinguan Lake Loop in Waterford

The G+C Crew

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