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"Jog On - How Running Saved My Life” by Bella Mackie

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This is a book about running in the same way that Gym+Coffee is about being active and drinking coffee. It is, at least in part, but there’s a lot more to it than that. In Jog On, author Bella Mackie lays out her experience of divorce in her late twenties, her debilitating battle with mental health issues and her seemingly uncharacteristic and sudden adoption of running as the means to addressing some of her struggles.

Peppered with advice from professionals as well as inspirational and at times hilarious stories from the author, this is a book designed to get you thinking as well as moving. It’s about goal-setting; it’s about self-care; it is definitely about running and it’s a lot about doing little things that when compounded, have a big, lasting, positive impact.

In Mackie’s world, running gives you freedom; running gives you direction; running gives you a sense of completion and achievement. We say, whatever your medium, getting out and getting active can sometimes be just the cure for your daily ills.

Available at an independent bookstore near you or downloadable as an audiobook!

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