Welcome to the first ever podcast series from G+C! (Nervous, deep breath) This podcast is a series of conversations with our ever growing community. It’s real people with real stories, out doing incredible things in the health, wellness and fitness space.

We’ll discuss all things from hiking to happiness, hitting the gym and the importance of getting your morning coffee.   

So sit back and relax or do whatever you normally do while listening to podcasts.



Steve has built an amazing community in both Greystones and Galway where his saunas perfectly complement the existing sea swimming communities of these areas. 

We hear about the tradition of sauna, the benefits of sauna, Steve's plans for the future and how sauna is the only Finnish word in the English language (don’t fact check me on that). 

We also learn that we've all been saying sauna wrong this whole time. 

In Finland it is pronounced “Sow-Na”. 

To-may-toes/To-ma-toes I suppose. 



In this episode we will hear how Christine got started, we’ll learn about energy levels and more importantly; energy balance.

We’ll learn about not just the importance of Mother Earth, but Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun, which are things I knew nothing about. 

Christine also gives insight on what to expect at a Healing Circle, just incase you want to try it out for yourself. 



Sean or better known as Seany B2B is owner and founder of Back 2 Basics. Back 2 Basics is a gym based in the heart of Tallaght and this community is a hive of activity. 

As you will hear, community is everything to Seany. His focus is helping his community to reach their goals, not just in the 4 walls of the gym but in everyday life too. 

He organises training days and challenges where his members can push themselves and encourage others to do the same. 

They recently did 4 marathons in one day: Run, row, bike and Ski and somehow he convinced 20 others to do the same, all in the name of charity. 



We are excited to share this Gym+Coffee podcast special, where our co-founder Niall Horgan sit’s down with transman Jacob Donegan. 

Jacob has been on an incredible journey over the last few years, transitioning from female to male and dealing with the physical, mental and emotional effects of that.

Jacob’s not afraid to talk about the uncomfortable aspects of gender transition and his goal is to educate people about the process which he does through his series  “Real Talk With Jacob” on Tiktok. As a result he has gained over 1.2 million followers on the app.



On this week's episode, co-founder Diarmuid McSweeney sits down and talks about the importance of breath work with Níall Ó’Murchú.

Níall has been working in wellness for over 20 years. He is a level 3 Wim Hof instructor, the highest level an instructor can reach. He runs breathwork workshops and has worked with some high profile people and teams throughout his career. He is also the author of the best selling book “The Blissful Breath”.

In the episode, Níall discusses the importance of breathwork and how slowing down in all aspects of life can have a massive positive impact.

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