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Every little bit counts when it comes to being environmentally conscious. As part of the Gym+Coffee Sustainability Story, we're always looking for new ways to recycle, up-cycle and change our relationship with single-use plastics. Part of our journey includes committing to a minimum of 30% sustainable clothing lines as part of our larger range and working with partners to create environmentally conscious products like the award-winning 'I Used to Be a Fridge' Bags.

In addition to our compostable delivery packaging, we’re introducing 100% compostable G+C clothing bags! So, you can wear your new apparel safe in the knowledge that the packaging they came in will fully decompose over time and can be placed in your brown bin alongside your food and garden waste. That’s not to say you can't reuse your G+C clothing bags first! Read on for some ways you can repurpose these bags for travel, home use + for storing snacks!

Travel Liquids

Our poly bags are a great option for easily storing liquids when you travel. The bags are opaque, fully sealable and fit perfectly into checked or carry-on luggage. Plus they're prettier than the ones on offer at the airport!

Seal up your worn gym gear

Heading out after your gym sesh but won't make it home to dump your gear? Never fear, the G+C poly bag is here! Pop your sweaty gym clothes in the bag, seal it up and store away til you get home. The bag will limit any gym scent from wafting out and you can throw your gear straight in the wash when you're ready!

Make Up bag storage

Use your poly bag to store your make up brushes, powders or nail polish all in one spot. Organise by product and pack away for when you need it. You'll never have to rummage through make up drawers or bathroom cabinets again!

Store seasonal clothing safely

If you happen to live in colder climes, summer dresses, shorts, tees and tanks don't tend see the light of day during the winter months. Instead of having your favourite sunny-day garments take up unnecessary space in your wardrobe, simply roll them up and pop them into a Gym+Coffee poly bag to store for the winter. Better yet, hit the reverse setting on your hoover, suck out all the air and voila, you've vacuumed-packed your clothes and they'll take up less than half the space! They'll be clean, safe and avoid the moth-eaten look all in one action!

Pack wet swimwear

Whether it's lengths in the local pool that's your jam, or it's sea, lake or river swimming that gets you going, there's nothing worse than schlepping around a wet bathing suit after your dip. Take your G+C poly bag with you next time and pop your wet togs in for a safe and dry trip home!

Storing snacks + treats

Heading out for a hike or a picnic? Need something to keep your lunch fresh but don't want to buy cling film? The G+C poly bag is for you! Our bags are resealable (and come in a couple of sizes!) so they're perfect for keeping perishable goodies safe from spills and fridge-fresh.

Growing herbs/plants

Poly bags are awesome for a bit of DIY flower potting. Fill them up with soil, plant your flora and then potting world is your oyster! Pop them on your kitchen windowsill for fresh herb access, plant bulbs and flower seeds for a burst of colour, or seal them up halfway and create a mini greenhouse effect to protect and encourage germination if you're growing plants from seed!

Storing shoes for travel

Wherever you go, your shoes get dirty. Rather than lump them in with your clothes and risk the dirt transferring,

Arts + Crafts organisation

Paint brushes, pens + pencils, ribbons, paper, tape - you name it, we store it! Reuse your poly bag for storing all your arts and crafts goodies for easily-accessed and highly-organised creativity!

Icing pipe bag

Writing 'Happy Birthday' on a cake was never easier! Mix up your icing, tilt your poly bag so one of the corners is facing down, spoon the icing in and twist the top. When you're ready to ice that cake, just snip a small hole in the corner and start writing! Once you've completed your masterpiece, simply wash the bag and set it aside to use again!

So there you have it. Ten awesome ways to make use of your G+C clothing bags. What did we miss? Are there any other innovative ways you're reusing plastic in your home? We want to know!

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