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Another Big Step For Gym+Coffee

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Another Week, Another Big Announcement

The last few months have been some of our most hectic to date at Gym+Coffee. It seems like each week something new and exciting finds its way onto our plate.

From the very start we wanted to share each milestone with our community. At this stage it feels absolutely necessary as our community have become such an integral part of our brand.

We want to share the highs and lows. Admittedly, we probably share more highs than lows. There have been many “lower points” but thankfully the highs far outweigh them so far. We have our community to thank for that and that’s why we want to share every chapter of our journey with you.

Obviously public announcements, product launches and events have to be shared but we also make it a point to share what’s going on behind the scenes also. Before we fill you in on this latest development, below is a quick recap on some recent milestones.

They’ve been coming thick and fast, we almost get confused ourselves sometimes.

- In January we reached 1 year in business. We celebrated this by climbing the Sugarloaf Mountain with some hardy community members.

- In February, we held our first event outside of Ireland - our NYC Launch.

- There’s been a constant drive to expand our clothing range. We added new items to our hoodies collection, launched our leggings, vests and,most recently, we added our ladies tanks - the U-Range.

- In April, Summer Stretch, the series that started as a simple try-and-see idea gathered massive momentum when we teamed up with one of Ireland’s biggest health insurance providers - Laya Healthcare.

- In May, for a second year in a row, we were Official Clothing Partner to Wellfest.

- Last week we announced something we barely saw coming ourselves - a Popup Store in Dundrum Shopping Centre.

Each of the above six have been special milestones in their own way. Points in time we hope to look back on proudly as we progress even further. Each of them has meant progression but our latest announcement has really hit us as a massive step as a company.

Announcing Our Brand New Premises in Point Campus

The pop-up shop in Dundrum, the new additions to our clothing line, these have all been huge but getting a new office space has really shown how far we’ve come.

As founders, we started out with full time jobs, working in kitchens and cafés in our spare time, piecing the hours together to make it work. We then moved to full-time G+C and got our own, admittedly quite small, office in Rathmines.

Now, as our team, ambitions and targets continue to expand we’ve started to outgrow our existing space. With that we are upping sticks and heading to Point Campus. There were many companies vying for the same space so being chosen has meant a huge deal to us.

This new space is located by the Docklands, right in the thick of the action in Dublin City. Our unit is over 2,000 square feet across two floors - “So much room for activities!”.

We plan to use this space to host even more cool events in the future.

Sharing Our Journey

We hesitated on whether or not to share this move at all. Compared to things like the pop-up store or clothing launch, we wondered if it would mean anything to our community. But, to stay true to ourselves and in keeping with sharing our journey, we felt it was a must. It’s one of our biggest milestones to date and not sharing it with you guys would feel strange.

What started out as a desire to support this healthy movement in Ireland has turned into something much bigger than we ever imagined. We couldn’t have done it without you guys and that is why we want to include you every step of the way.

What started as an idea, turned into countless hours working from home and piecing things together. If we are not careful, this latest development could put us on our way to being a fully fledged business. It’s a scary thought but we are ready for it.

We hope you all can join us as we continue this crazy journey.

Onwards and upwards!

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