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We know we’ve kept this list fairly light-hearted for the most part, we hope you don’t mind. We’ve decided to close the year out with just a bunch of weird shtuff we forgot about 😜

Things that happened this decade (that we definitely forgot about) and that are in no particular order:

1.‘Gangnam Style’ became the first video to reach a BILLION VIEWS on YouTube (2012)

Psy Gangnam Style One Hit Wonder

2. Ireland made moves to acknowledge that women should have autonomy over their own bodies (2018)

3. The first iPad came out. Huh? Yeah. (April 2010 y’all)

4. We found out that GIF is meant to be pronounced with a soft ‘g’ and we all absolutely ignored that (2018)

5. DUCKFACE (ugh)

Duckface Rubber Ducks

6. There was a lonely monkey in a very big coat all by itself in an IKEA window (2013)

7. Drake (forever and always)

8. Everyone was Harlem Shake-ing all over the shop (2013)

9. We all dumped a lot of ice on ourselves and each other - all for a good cause, of course (2014)

10. Ireland voted to make same-sex marriage legal (2015)

Joe Caslin Together for Yes Mural on Georges Street, Dublin

11. We couldn’t figure out if dresses were blue+black or white+gold and we all completely lost it (2015)

12. Beyonce won pretty much everything (ongoing but a lot in 2013 and 2016)

Beyonce Slays the Decade

13. Several Royal people got married (various)

14. People started making an actual living from YouTube (umm… 2012-ish)

15. Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar but unfortunately for a movie that none of us could bring ourselves to watch (2016)

Leo wins an Oscar for Revenant

16. People were chasing Pokemon thingees all over the place even though they weren’t actually real. (2016)

17. Vine shut down 😞 (2017)

18. TikTok became a thing 😊 (2019) Check out ours here:

19. Leggings officially* recognised as actual pants (Date varies)

20. Vuvuzelas ruined everyone’s hearing but everyone apparently still loves soccer. Er, football (2010)

21. Sharknado was released and we never looked at movies (or weather, or sharks, or Ian Ziering) the same again (2013)

22. Someone skydived (skydove?) from space, because, Red Bull (2014)

23. The Oprah show and the Harry Potter franchise both came to an end (2011)

24. Gym+Coffee was born! (2017)

Gym+Coffee Birthday at the Sugarloaf

      *’Officially’ according to us and random people on the internet.

      Okay so definitely not an exhaustive list by any stretch, just a smattering of some of the weird + wonderful bits that occurred over the last 10 years. Here’s to the next 10 and beyond!

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