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MEET THE TEAM: The Green Gazelles Prepare for Summer Social

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Summer Social is going to be one of the biggest events on the sports calendar this year and Gym+Coffee is so excited to be the official partner!

Taking place on June 11th in Richmond Athletic Ground, London, the event promises festival-goers an entire day of fun, with rugby, netball and functional fitness competitions followed by an entire evening of music.

Ahead of the big event, we’re checking in with team G+C..Today, it’s time for the Green Gazelles to line up!

Meet the Green Gazelles!

Positioning themselves as the world’s first vegan rugby club, the Green Gazelles are repping Gym+Coffee at Summer Social this year in the Rugby 7s tournament. Made up of a winning combination of environment + sports enthusiasts, the team have promised to plant 1 tree for every try scored so there’s more than just pride on the line.

Established back in 2018 by Brendon and Amy Bale, the group has gone on to form a dedicated community of like-minded and earth-friendly members, all sharing a passion for animals, the environment and rugby.

green gazzels huddling together at a sporting event

The Green Gazelles Rugby Club was established in 2018.

“Green Gazelles Rugby Club is the world's first Vegan Rugby Club keenly tackling environmental issues through promoting sustainable products, normalising veganism and fundraising for earth-caring charities in a hard-hitting sport that is rugby,” co-founder Brendon Bale explains.

So, who’s behind the force that is the Gazelles and what will they be bringing to the table for Summer Social?


Brendon Bale

Brendon Bale at a sporting event

Area of Expertise:

Club Director - I pull it all together!

Sportsperson you admire the most:

Jonny Wilkinson

Hidden Talent:

Sales! I really should change my career soon!

Motivational Song of Choice:

Lose Yourself - Eminem


"Comfort is the enemy of Success"

Most looking forward to:

Lifting the Trophy and enjoying the after-party with our community!

Michael Cumberlidge

Michael Cumberlidge at a sporting event

Area of Expertise:

Sustainable investment/truffle pig

Sportsperson you admire the most:

Tyson Fury of late

Hidden Talent:

Being so beautiful no one can see it

Motivational song of choice:

Still strugglin’- Raekwon (or Redneck - Lamb of God but that’s likely to end in an injury)


“Don’t be rubbish”

Most looking forward to on the day:

The first hit off kick off/slip and slide

Ben Kerry

Ben Kerry at a sporting event

Area of Expertise:

Talking up a good game of rugby by organising stuff but not doing it on the pitch!

Hidden Talent:

Talking rubbish

Motivational song of choice:

Too many to choose... The Green Gazelles playlist has some good ones!

  • Arise - The Seige
  • Legends are Made - Sam Timnesz
  • Heart of Courage - Two Steps from Hell


“Things Happen For A Reason”

Most looking forward to:

Getting involved with everyone!

Learn more about all things Summer Social here + be sure to follow more of the Green Gazelles' journey to big the day.

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