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Leggings Lifestyle: My Yoga Life With JulieBYoga

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The leggings launch is here and to celebrate we are getting into all things style, goal setting, training, yoga, fitness, balancing work with passion and much more. This is the Leggings Lifestyle.

The practice of yoga is something that has become central to the health conscious, active and social lifestyle we champion at G+C. It’s the reason we’ve formed such close relationships with yogis in Ireland and have organized multiple yoga sessions through our Summer Stretch Series. Recently we caught up with @JulieBYoga to find out a bit more about her yoga journey, how her practice has positively affected her and any advice she has for people wanting to get started.

How Did You First Get Into Teaching Yoga?
JB: I got into Yoga about ten years ago. At the time I was more into running and doing intense workouts. A friend literally had to drag me to my first class. It was a hot power yoga class (I figured if I was going to yoga I wanted to sweat). I remember being surprised at how much it challenged me both physically and mentally. That really piqued my curiosity.

Over the next while I developed a huge interest in many different styles of yoga which led to me start my teacher training. I trained in Mom and Baby Yoga, Kids Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, as many areas as I could really. I became a little bit obsessed with learning more about this wonderful practice.

I juggled yoga and the corporate world for a few years. I moved to London but after a year working as a Marketing manager I realised I wasn’t happy and I needed a change.

A friend asked me what I would like if I could do anything and without thinking I said “Teach Yoga”. That realisation lead me to, very uncharacteristically, walk into the office and hand in my notice. It just went from there.

Was There Any Particular Turning Point That Brought Your Practice of Yoga To The Next Level?
JB: I always struggled with the mental side of Yoga. If I’m being honest, the first five years I practiced was all physical practice with very little mental focus.

Then there was a pivotal turning point in my Yoga journey, and life in general. I was attacked while living in London and suffered pretty bad injuries. My recovery period was a very difficult time both physically and mentally. During that time the physical side of my practice was non-existent. I had to learn to go deeper and embrace the mental side of it. My yoga practice turned into a much more internal conversation and overall self-awareness.

This really opened my eyes to the fact that the fear of feeling pain was much greater than the feeling itself. When I allowed myself to feel whatever it was I was feeling, a weight was lifted and I found it extremely healing. This opened up a whole new style of Yoga to me.

What Benefits of Yoga Have You Noticed - Physically + Mentally?
JB: From my experience, I think Yoga allows you to pause and check in with yourself. Whether I practice for 10 minutes or a few hours or whether it is very physical or light and relaxed, it just gives me head-space. It’s my me-TLC time.
The principles I learn on the Yoga mat come with me off of it into everyday life. Things like breathing, being able to focus, to slow down and being able to check in with myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I love that every day is different with my practice. The benefits I get from yoga depend on my mood and what I need on that day. Sometimes it’s purely a physical practice, to get the heart rate up. Other times its more about recharging my batteries and having some time out for me.

Any Advice For People That Are New To Yoga?
JB: Don’t be put off and don’t be afraid to start, just try it. There are many styles of yoga. If you try something and don’t enjoy it, try a different class or teacher.

I speak with so many people who are afraid to start because they say “I’m not flexible”. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga, you just need to turn up. I love to teach people to leave the ego at the door, no one is judging you, it’s okay not to be perfect.

I think the true achievement in Yoga isn’t whether you can do a headstand or any of these fancy poses. The poses that we can become obsessed with on social media. It’s the progress on your journey physically and mentally. Sometimes the progress will manifest in tiny steps. Other times they are like huge leaps. What I love to see is people connecting with themselves and grow internally. I never thought I’d actually say something like that but it’s true.

Why Would You Recommend Yoga?
JB: One of my favourite quotes sums this up nicely:

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self’"

Without sounding too fluffy and airy fairy this quote pretty much nails it for me. Yoga is not a sport, it’s a practice. One that helps you to connect with yourself. We are all so busy and the pace of life these days is just crazy. We often forget to look after ourselves.

Yoga gives you opportunity to check in and see how you are doing - physically, mentally and emotionally. Through the physical practice, yoga allows you to recharge in all sorts of ways. We often shy away from emotions and expressing ourselves. I feel yoga is a great way of learning to look after yourself. It also helps you to help find some calm in this crazy world we live in.

Mostly importantly, it’s fun. In my classes we laugh all the time. Whether that is people laughing with me or even at me (when I throw in some crazy poses!).

That’s what’s most important. Find time to reconnect with yourself and just have fun.

Huge thanks to Julie. You can follow her journey and learn even more from her by following her on Instagram. Julie has been amazing to work with over the past two years and we cannot wait to collaborate even more in the future. Julie has two workshops coming up in June. The first is ‘Headstand & Arm Balance’ on the 10th. She also has a ‘De-Stress & Release’ workshop on the 24th. For more info visit Hotpodyoga.com/ie/

We recently got more into Yoga ourselves. Check out our brand new Yoga Pants/Leggings range here.

To learn more about our two new designs - the All-In leggings and the RestLess leggings, check out the spotlights we did on both. + Spotlight on All-In.

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