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We see one of our core roles as being a facilitator to our community and access to free health and fitness is one of the key areas where we can contribute. Since we started this brand back in 2017, we’ve hosted more than 300 free health, fitness and wellness events for our team and community. We’ve partnered with local and international experts to provide access to fitness classes, podcasts, running groups, yoga and meditation sessions and seminars. Access to health + movement remains one the pillars of our social sustainability framework.



We’re not always the experts. While we pride ourselves on doing great work: making the world’s best hoodies, building community and always being sound… We love to lean on the expertise of our community to help us do better and be better. Over the years, we’ve partnered with some incredible communities doing great work of their own and it’s through these collaborations that we’re able to offer better support, improved quality of life, educational and training opportunities.

Just a few of our partnerships are outlined below:

The Sanctuary Runners are a social running group that started in Cork, Ireland to offer refugees and asylum seekers some connection to Irish life, outside the confines of Direct Provision. Groups meet to run, talk and eat together. We’ve been working with the Sanctuary Runners crew since 2020 and most recently helped them launch their own line of hoodies.

Run Talk Run (and their sister spin-off, Walk Talk Walk) is a running group with a difference. Their mission is to ​​increase accessibility to mental health support through running & walking peer support groups. What began as a modest, weekly 5km in London has now grown to be a global network of runners, walkers and weekly friend groups offering a safe space to address the topic of mental health. We joined forces with RTR in 2021 officially and are proud to be the main sponsor of the group.

Women in Sports Scholarships with the University College Cork (UCC) launched in 2022 and we’re so proud to be deepening our support of female athletes. UCC is the alma mater of two of our Co-Founders and we were so excited to be able to give back to the grounds that bred Gym+Coffee. We now offer 2 scholarships per year to female athletes studying at UCC.

Learn more about our partners and sponsorships here.



We’re one of the few businesses to extend comprehensive paid maternity and paternity leave to our retail team, as well as HQ employees. In 2021, we introduced paid maternity leave as a standard benefit for all full-time employees of Gym+Coffee. Since then we’ve introduced policies to protect rights including breastfeeding at work, we’ve established policies addressing equal employment, harassment + bullying, diversity + inclusion (including creating a dedicated steering group for this), and a hybrid WFH model.

The more we know, the more we know and we’re committed to learning, developing and evolving our social sustainability offering for our team.

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