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The Gym+Coffee Make Life Richer Map is here!

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Make Life Richer with Us!

Since we started Gym+Coffee, we’ve been keeping our eyes on the prize and that prize is, that we are building a community, not just a clothing brand. And a big part of community building is about connection.
But in our quest for connection and community, we spied a big gap: there is no clear hub for finding out what some of the really cool, off-the-beaten-track things there are to do and see in Ireland. And so, the Gym+Coffee Make Life Richer Map was born! Well, in concept anyway. We have worked away at HQ to figure out what all of this was going to look like, how it would work and ultimately what we thought our community would want to get out of it.
With the launch of our Make Life Richer Map, we are aiming to get our community more connected with Ireland and in doing so, to get more connected with each other as well.
And here we are! A map with a thousand hidden gems, and a million more diamonds in the rough. We’ve taken a collection of 11 different ‘regions’ in Ireland and highlighted two activities you can involve yourself in, plus a stellar cafe to stop by for (constant?) re-caffeination! We know that’s only the tip of the iceberg and we can’t wait to start connecting with more and more great local businesses and awesome activities across the island.
This here is a living, breathing entity. We’ll be looking for people and businesses to connect with for all sorts of different conversations, ventures, collabs and partnerships. Plus, our goal is that the future will see further additions and more iterations of the MLR Map.
So please: Get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions. If you know of something AMAZING that should be included to Make Life Richer, then let us know! Is there a cafe we haven’t heard of that is just THE BEST? Well, tell us about it!!! Any people you know who are doing fun, cool, awesome, healthy, helpful, kind things - tell them to call us!!!!!
Here’s to making life richer with YOU GUYS.
Team G+C

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